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2019 ghostwalks

2019 ghostwalks

May 25, 2019

NEW Route for 2019!

This year we will begin our haunted tour at the Vacaville Art Gallery, located at the historic Eversole home near Andrews Park. We will meet at the large Microscope. Mr. Eversole was a solemn fellow, he wanted to build a mortuary near the schoolhouse to remind the children of there fleeting mortality... A little bit dark, wouldn't you say? Miss Eversole, was handsome woman, a kindergarten teacher who led the town parade of "The Horribles" where men dressed in drag, women were allowed to demand a new dress... What? You think that Vacaville has no history? Oh yes they do!

We will make our way through Andrew's Park, once home (but many say that it still is) to the town cemetery, and the Kennedy stage, where actors seem to still be conducting performances in the afterlife!

We will also discuss Japantown, opium dens, hungry ghosts, and the massive flu epidemic at Ollers Grove.

We will then take a walk through the dark alley and meet the ghosts of Vacaville's town people, stopping to chat via paranormal equipment, and a medium or two help get the message across. Learn to use the equipment paranormal investigators use in the field while you soak up some dark history.

We will conclude at the Old Town Hall, where we will visit the criminal past of Vacaville's history. Learn about measures taken to ensure that law and order was kept, and meet the ghosts that linger in what is now know as the "portal room" or the old drunk tank. Many people have been overcome by spirit activity in this room!

The tour is conducted by The Vacaville Heritage Council and paranormal investigators, Devin Sisk, and Ellen MacFarlane as well as Miss Marie, a psychic medium. Devin and Ellen are the creators of Napa City Ghosts & Legends Walking Tours, a tour company with multiple tours in the are, including Napa and Sonoma, as well as a mobile bus tour this summer to odd locations.

All tours start at 7:00 pm and end approximately at 9:15 pm. Children should be 10 years old and above to participate in this event.

*Please note the new meeting place, The Vacaville Art Gallery, 718 E. Monte Vista Ave, Vacaville. Meet at Large Microscope Display.

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