News » Reflecting on the Chinese-American experience in Vacaville
Chinese workers on Thurber Ranch in Vacaville.

Chinese workers on Thurber Ranch in Vacaville.

January 08, 2023

Yee Ah Chong, whose father ran a small restaurant and sold lottery tickets in Vacaville in the 1890s, was one of the first Chinese-Americans born in Vacaville.

His father, to ensure that fact could not be disputed, even had certificates of citizenship drawn up and signed by the town's notables, Yee said more than 75 years later.

"My family was the first Chinese family to come to Vacaville," Yee told historian Ronald Limbaugh, starting off the interview. "There were a lot of Chinese at that time, but there were not a lot of Chinese families in Vacaville. We were the first ones to come here."

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